Pledge to Clients: My commitment to each customer is HONESTY, and COMMUNICATION to insure that they have every bit of knowledge about the property that they are interested in purchasing or selling. My goal to each customer is to make their transaction smooth and flawless. Not only is this my commitment but our Office policy applies our integrity to our clients, regardless if they want to hear it or not.

Professional Experience: I have been a Realtor for Twenty-three years and have been involved with the Otero County Association of Realtors as a Director, State Director, President twice, Past President twice, Education chair, Secretary/Treasurer. With the New Mexico Association of New Mexico (RANM). I have been a Chair for the By-laws committee; co-chair/chair of the Budget committee; Professional Standards committee, Strategic Committee, Professional Education, Growth and Improvement (known as RANM Leadership) and the Stanley H. Mathis Group. I spent 2019 as the Southwest District Vice President and I am also an Ombudsman with the Realtor Association of New Mexico. I currently serve on the Education Advisory Council with the New Mexico Real Estate Commission which I truly love to be a part of for our Profession.

Education: I have obtained my Degree in communication via USAF. I am also a Sign Language Interpreter.

Outside Interests: I love to be outdoors in my yard when time permits, it is my best therapy! I try to enjoy it as much as I can! I also enjoy my two darling four legged babies! They provide me therapy everyday!
I love to cook and creating recipes. I enjoy doing my yearly "Dinner Parties", and working on a cookbook that I have been working on for a while hoping to complete very soon.

Personal Information: I have retired from the USAF, which I served 20 awesome years. I spent 15 years overseas which I have enjoyed. I am a certified Sign Language Interpreter for the courts, medical groups and have taught Sign language with the Community College. I have lived in NM for 20+ years and Have two children and three granddaughters. I am proud to say, I have a Great Grandson whom has my HEART and Soul! What a joy he is...